Happy New Year!

I closed out 2015 by quitting my job and putting to rest some work threads so 2016 could be devoted to more paid film work and writing a solid draft of my new feature project in time for spring workshop, retreat, and funding deadlines.

I'm working on some short projects, I've finally dived in to learning Premiere Pro, I got hired as a Producer of Marketing and Distribution on a small indie feature, and I'm working to find freelance work for Impolite Company to make money while sharpening my skills, but my focus for the next few months is this yet untitled screenplay - Untitled Jason Stefaniak Project or UJSP we'll call it.

Here's a little peak at my writing process (the strips you see are only Act 2). I had an outline document on my computer that was getting unruly, so I printed it out and cut the scene ideas into strips, labeled them with colors for each main character, and then arranged and rearranged, wrote new scenes, rearranged some more, and worked to clarify the outline. I'll have a finished, detailed outline by Feb. 5th and a first draft by Feb. 26th.