TMG, BNFM, and More!

We wrapped production on our feature film, But Not For Me, on March 30th and are already hard at work cutting the film. We will have our first cut of the film finished by the end of the month and then will continue to revise the cut ahead of submitting to Sundance by the end of August.

I'm finally (finally, finally) near picture lock on my short thesis film, The Middle Ground. Once I lock the picture by the end of the month, I'll begin working with my sound designer David Forshee to get the film completely finished (ideally) by July 1st. From there, it's off to Sundance!

I've already got my sights set on what comes next. Ryan Carmichael and I are developing a few feature projects together - doing lots of reading, watching and talking - while we prepare to officially launch our production company this summer.

I'm also toying with developing a feature version of The Middle Ground (same characters, similar themes, but most likely a different plot) and have been sketching out a webseries featuring the characters of The Middle Ground but at a different point in their relationship.

Additionally, I'm beginning to develop a short video for Protest Easy Guns that highlights the work the organization has done while putting it in historical context. We both like the concept, so I'm beginning to sketch out a short script before I start gathering footage and cutting.

Keeping busy, creating content, and pushing ahead till the next time.