What's next...?

This Is My Body  has been an overwhelming, amazing, incredible success, well beyond my hopes and expectations!

I’m continuing to work to get the film out into the world and to get it seen, especially ahead of the November 6th elections. 

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I’m beginning to work in earnest on my NYU Thesis Film, which will be a short fiction film. I’ll be fundraising some time in the late fall/early winter and will be shooting in January or February to do my Thesis Review in April and graduate in May.

I’m also developing plans to launch one arm of 12th & McKenzie, my future production company. I’d like to create a small organization that concentrates on creating artful, political media pieces in the vein of This Is My Body. The pieces would be created out of my own passions or for progressive organizations or individuals looking for help. I would create high quality, low cost pieces to advance a number of different causes. Generally speaking, the first step will be to raise money to purchase equipment, then put together a plan and raise money to secure a small studio space, and then begin creating pieces, including (hopefully) some sort of thematically-related follow up to This Is My Body

I also have two feature films in the works for a little further down the line:

Your First, My Last: A series of vignettes explores a sensitive young man’s passionate yet tumultuous 10-year relationship with his high school sweetheart.

The Turing Test: Martin, aspiring journalist and expectant-father, is imprisoned and forced to play a game of verbal and emotional cat and mouse with an intelligent machine named TONY that was created by and modeled after his estranged father Anthony to discover the truth behind Anthony’s life and suspicious death.

I’m always looking for collaborators and I’m very much in need of support, so if you’re interested in supporting or getting involved with any of these projects, or just following my progress, please feel free to contact me at Jason@JasonStefaniak.com or via Facebook/Twitter.

Thanks for your interest!